MonoGame.Randomchaos.* Nuget Packages Update

Not sure if these are of any use to anyone.

It’s a list of NuGet pacakges I have written, I am mostly writing them so I can build projects quickly with the bits I need.

List of packages is here.

As well as the nuget packages I have a publick repo with ample projects in there too, mostly so I remember how you use them my self, I really need to get better at documentation lol…

The Git Repo can be found here.

I had started on some git pages, but might just stick to the wiki.

Anyway, hope you find them useful. Let me know if you need more examples written for them.

Happy coding :slight_smile:


Adding these to the wiki…

Thanks for sharing :coffee:


Added, and got to take a look, really nice! will be useful for everyone!

Linked here:
monogame:pillar_of_linkages [MonoGame Community Wiki]


Forgive my, I had a typo in my title, and now that’s in the wiki, can you correct it from MonoGame.Ransomchaos.* to MonoGame.Randomchaos.*

Sorry, my fat fingers let me down again…

[Edit] And thank you for adding it to the Wiki :smiley: [/Edit]

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Done :white_check_mark:

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How did I miss this announcement, even the world-famous @Charles_Humphrey (Nemo_Krad) has returned to the fray, maybe we will even see a sequel in the works.

Although you bring an interesting option, one thing I did like about Unity was the introduction of UPM packages. Promoting a collection of similar things for MonoGame might actually be a good idea.