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Hi guys, this is my first post here.
I’m currently using love2d.
It shares some aspects with monogame (they both don’t have a gui editor for example), but it doesn’t export on a major number of platforms and I currently own a windows 10 mobile smartphone. (I hate not being able to try the stuff I do on my smartphone :smiley: )
I do web dev with .Net/C#, so I’d like to switch to monogame, but it seems there are even less resources than love2d (how’s that even possible? :smiley: ) and the community seems small.
But as far as I see, monogame shares some APIs with xna.
Can I use xna books to learn monogame?
Are there active xna forums one can use instead and still do stuff on monogame?

Any tips about starting with monogame?

Thanks :smiley:

yes, you can basically google xna for every problem you have. Monogame is basically XNA, but supports more platforms.

For platform specific stuff you’d have to resort to this forum, but replies are usually fast and informative.

You could also check out this:

I made a list of links I used when I started.
You can find and edit it here:

Welcome to the forum,

In case you missed it, I have also been collating useful links on this thread:

Where I have posted several getting started tutorial links and if you look towards the bottom there are UWP tutorials now…

I develop for Windows 10 UWP [This is the platform for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 as well as XBOX ONE, AND IT HAS ITS OWN UI!], so I can help out to a degree, so just shout out any time… just start a new thread with your issue and press the @ key in the entry field for the post and begin typing a username like so @xNick remember to just hit enter or click the username you wish to select…

The two guys who already posted here are among some of the most useful and helpful guys here :slight_smile:

@AdamDawes575 published a good book for Windows 8 game development,[A book that I use] just search for his name on Amazon without the numbers and you should find it, he is also on Twitter with the same handle.


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