Monogame running as a web based game on

This is an example of a game built using the new monogame Web framework, running in

The game is a remake of a very old text adventure game that I did about 15 years ago, and happened to port to monogame last month. I then ported it this week to the new framework in a matter of hours and uploaded to to test it works there.


This brings back memories of playing Zork!

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Wow. Does Monogame support Web platform?

That’s pretty awesome! How difficult was the porting process?

I created a new solution from the new Visual Studio template that targets the Web and copied all the class files from the old project into it.
There may be issues with third party packages - I could not get the fonts package I was using to work so had to revert to the monogame SpriteFonts.
I’m currently porting another of my old monogame games and have stumbled across some “NotImplemented” exceptions there, so not all the functionality is working yet.