Monogame Sample not running in visual studio

I’m just starting out with Monogame and followed the getting started section and finished it. Now I’m trying to look at the samples found here:

but unfortunately I can’t get the projects to run. It comes with a visual project file that loads up correctly but when building and running the 2DPlatformer program I get a non-content file error.
Does anyone have an experience with this issue? I think looking at the samples could really help me get started.

Find the relevant file in your solution explorer and set its property to Content, also ensure they are converted to xnb’s [Another puzzle for you but do ask if you need help with that too]

Also, Hi and welcome to the community!

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Hi, I’m still having a fair bit of trouble getting this to work. None of the content files are in the Content folder in the solution explorer and the only way to access them is through the monogame content pipeline tool. In that program there is no property on the relevant file to set to content so I’m not sure where to go from there. Also, if this is a sample program why is it broken?

The sample comes with a direct x version and this seems to work but still has issues of its own…
I will see what I can learn from the code but will probably try to find something more up to date.

I could suggest some books but, you could do some youtube video searches, there might be a recent video explaining it, but do ask here, also check the documents page out too…

What is the error exactly? Could you post the stack trace? Is it a ContentLoadException? If it is, please search the forums for posts about that or read the documentation about adding assets.

Those samples are pretty old. They should really be updated.