Monogame SDK Not Found Bug (broken)

New topic to save people time! If you see this bug please just throw monogame away….

I just did a clean install and still nothing… waisted some much time.

This is specifically not a monogame problem but a problem with how your dotnet environment is setup.

Youre missing the Microsoft.NET.Sdk which means any project that uses that, MonoGame or not, will fail.

There could be any number of reasons this is happening. When you didna clean install, did you check the appropriate workloads in the VS installef (specifically at minimum you need the .NET Desktop Development workload selected.

Other than this, there could be any number of reason this is happening

Can you post the contents of your games .csproj file?

And other none-monogame projects do start and yes I checked everything you are showing in the screenshot.

Can you share the output of the following commands

where dotnet
dotnet --info

You have two dotnet architecures installed, x86 and x64.

Check your the PATH global environment variable and make sure that the C:\Program Files\dotnet\ path is listed before the C:\Program Files(x86)\dotnet\ path or remove the x86 from PATH all together

I had already set the path before the 86 path and just tried removing it. Still no luck

The folder “Microsoft.NET.Sdk” folder doesn’t exist is that a problem?

No, i do not have this directory either, but I also do not have the issue. It’s looking for this directory for you for some reason that I’m not sure of. There is some PATH variable or some issue when you installed the .NET SDK that is causing this.

Out of curiosity, is your PC localization language set to anything other than English? We had a user with a similar issue in the past and it was a dotnet bug with language localization. That one was specifically during the dotnet restore phase though.