Monogame Shared Library?

Hi, just beginning with monogame.
I want to create some POC for multiplatform game, and I was reading this article

but I´m a little confused with this part:

For this tutorial, we will be using Xamarin Studio, though the exact
same steps apply when building games with MonoGame in Visual Studio as
First, we need to create a shared project where our game logic will
reside that can also be shared with all target platforms we want our
game to run on. Within Xamarin Studio, choose File → New Solution
→ MonoGame → Library → MonoGame Shared Library and name the
project MonkeyTap.

I´m using Visual Studio Community 2015, and I have already installed Xamarin and Monogame (with the windows installer), but I can´t find any template named “Monogame Shared Library”. I can only see templates for specific platforms (Windows, android, iOS…etc). Also, in the monogame folder I can´t find any “shared library” assembly, only DLLs organized by platform.

My idea was to have all the common code in a separate project that will be linked by all platform specific projects. Is this currently possible with monogame?

Ok, after checking the source files of the article it seems that the called “monogame shared library” is just a shared project in VS terminology. I guess that this is the way to go, a solution with a shared project for common code and assets, and a particular project for each platform. Fair enough for me :slightly_smiling:

Exact. Under VS it is a library project (the assembly will be a dll) referenced by the other “platform” project.
Be aware of the x86 x64 or any cpu when building.

A shared project will be compiled with the project it’s referenced from:

Hi, I have some windows forms test app with a few button which i use to test the classes etc in the shared library, however VS doesn’t allow to create dependacy directly so reffering to the dll it compiles. both compiled in x64 however when loading it still gives unable to load. Anyone have an idea how to use the code only shared monogame library directly from winforms projecty?