MonoGame.SplineFlower - Create wonderful smooth Bézier Splines!

That’s exactly what I’m doing on the json file output, points can be switch to Z or Y axis in 3D, I’m using it for the AI paths of my enemies ships in 3D, same paths but when rotated and scaled it becomes seemless and not a pattern, a must have tools ^_^y

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Pretty nice, yes :slight_smile:

I saw it in this video from you:

Looks very smooth and awesome!

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Yes but the ships AI paths is hard coded it’s just no. 8 paths rotated by matrix just (1)one paths T_T … But now I can create many paths visually by your using tools! YAY!

EDIT : BTW the latest release compiled and run successfully! many thanks ^_^Y

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That’s cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding back on this. Good to hear that it’s working now for you :sunglasses:

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Hey sqrMin1. Apologies for the bump. This exactly what I need, great tool you made. However I am having a problem using the content pipeline importer. I’ve installed from nuget, and added MonoGame.SplineFlower.Content.Pipeline.dll as a reference in the content manager, but I don’t see the option to select the importer and processor after doing this. I’m on VS2017. Is there a step I missed here?

Hey @Oven_Owl and thanks for the report.

You are right, there is an error within the packages (missing libraries).

I will fix them and publish new packages soon.


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Awesome thank you very much :slight_smile:

New packages up!

Try it with version

Nice one mate, all working now :slight_smile:

If your curios, we are going to use it for creating attack patterns in a side scrolling shoot em up. Exactly the tool we needed you had made!

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Nice to hear!

Feel free to share your creations :slight_smile:

Just a heads up really. The splines are working nicely, but I am unable to target android / ios using the nuget package due to the fact the dll’s are compiled to target .net framework 461. It seems that xamarin is effectively locked down to 4.5 (or at least it is inadvisable to use any higher)

I think I would need to move / port the project to .NetStandard to properly support multiple target frameworks.

You could download the source code from GitHub, add the needed libraries to your xamarin project, change the .NetFramework version and see if it works for you.

1.4.0 - Find Nearest Point on Spline Feature!

Yeah, time for a new update!

Hello folks!

Long time since we last talked about this spline library, but finally… something new!

Watch the video first:

When working with splines in game or software development, it’s often important to get the nearest point on a spline from a specific position in the world / render view.

But why?

Imagine the following scenario in a game:

You have 2 different spline tracks and you want an enemy unit to travel on both, but this unit does not start on any of the two splines. It starts from somewhere in your game world.

How can this unit reach both splines now?

Easy… by finding the nearest point from his position to the first spline and then finding the nearest point from spline 1 to spline 2 from his position on spline 1.

This is just one example. You could also use this technique to let particles flow into the direction of a spline and if they reach it, let them travel along the spline… and so on…

So, a quite useful feature when working with splines and here it is :slight_smile:

I hope it makes you happy.

Have a nice day and stay away from the corona! :mask:

:: Marcel, Sandbox Blizz

PS: Stay tuned again for more interesting stuff in the future! :sunglasses:


  • Added FindNearestPointOnSpline feature and sample project.
  • Added “Extensions class” to support spriteBatch overloads with additional drawing capabilities.
  • Added a test Transform in the TransformControl to have a dummy transform for additional user interaction in the sample projects.
  • It’s now possible to adjust the accuracy of the FindNearestPoint function from within the sample control.
  • The GitHub-Release rar-file now containing not only the lib binaries but also the editor and sample projects - already pre-compiled, so that the user can directly start and run the samples or the editor; no compilation needed!