MonoGame startup extremely slow

Hey guys,
I am currently writing a game about the meme Doge.

However, the startup of the game takes 10 seconds or more,
even if I create a new project.

I am writing the game in Xamarin Studio using the “MonoGame Windows OpenGL Application” template.

The performance is good, just the startup takes very much time.
Please let me know if there is a fix for this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

well it depends on what are you doing.

are you loading all the files in one spot? Are there many files?
are you running in release mode (sorry never used Xamarin but i suppose that’s an option there aswell)?
is there any cpu intensive operation happening on load/init?
is this happening 'cos you are building the project everytime?

you need to offer more info on your problem, otherwise it is impossible to find the answer.


LoadContent problem
stop loading all that content. use a content manager or something.

Try switching all your textures to PNG files loaded with Texture2D.FromStream. This is the fastest way to load them, unfortunately it may hurt performance, or have problems on devices with less graphics memory.

The startup is extremely slow, even if I create a blank project without any files in it.
I don’t think it has something to do with the textures or the content at all.

It affects only MonoGame, my other C# applications don’t have that problem.

You must then use non opengl project files , update your video card, or try another monogames project type if what you say is so.

Use a profiler to see where the CPU cycles are spend.
If the problem is mono startup use the dx project on windows.
If it is your initialization code it is up to you to optimize the function that takes up more time.
If it is the content manager try to DXT compress your textures, use lower resolution when possible, use lower bit rate for audio/music.