Monogame & Steam

Hi, just a simple question. I’m working on a game and want to know which kind of mongame project I should use to publish the game on Steam. Actually, I’m working with UWP but I know I will need to build a different project.


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Struggling to figure out if this was a trick question or?

Hi! Have you ever published a game on steam? My game is a UWP but I’m not sure if UWP are very well supported on steam. I don’t which is the best to choose:

Windows Project
Windows 10 Universal
Cross Platform Desktop

‘Steam’ is Not ‘Windows Store UWP’ so, I will allow you to deduce from the three options…

Either of those three will work for Windows.

I recommend the Windows project template if you’re not interested in Mac/Linux support. Though I’d like to encourage you to publish for Mac/Linux too, since MonoGame abstracts away the platform-specific stuff :slight_smile:
There are more people using Windows or Cross-platform, so they’re tested better than the UWP template.

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Thanks for the answer Jjagg!

You mean Current Windows Platforms i.e., Windows 10, not Windows 7 [Though people should seriously drop that by now…]