Monogame template not found

Hey, so I installed monogame on a new computer, which already has VS17 and VS19, and for some reason, Monogame doesn’t appear as a template when trying to create a new project, however, when I tried running projects I wrote with monogame on another computer, on the new computer they worked perfectly fine. If anyone knows how this can be solved I would be happy if they helped me.

MonoGame 3.8 is out, just install the templates from the Visual Studios online gallery!

I did this, it now finds the template, but whenever I create a project it gives me tons of errors saying “The type or namespace name Xna does not exist in the namespace Microsoft”. Do you maybe know how to solve it?

Give Visual Studio a moment to restore ~100MB of nuget packages (only needs to do it once, as it caches nuget packages) after you create a project.