MonoGame templates are missing in VS 2019 for Mac

How can I create a new MonoGame project in VS 2019 for Mac? I have installed MonoGame 3.7.1 for MacOS but the templates are missing in Visual Studio.

At the moment there are none for 2019. You can try downloading 2017, there should be some templates when you install the monogame extension.

Impossible to get Monogame to work on the Mac then if you havent got 2017 version. I’ve dug around and even gone so far as to get the Free Microsoft Developer subscription as I has hoping that maybe the 2017 version of VS for Mac was hidden behind a subscription wall.

Nope, only 2019 is offered as a download.

Does anyone know where we/I could get the 2017 version please?

For Mac?

VS Code I think…


Also @johncogan1972 , Hi and welcome to the forums, Happy Coding!

Here, you can download VS for Mac 2017

Only try to no update this version because will convert in VS for mac 2019

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@gidrekgames The download link for that takes me to a MS page that has no results with message “We didn’t find results for “Visual Studio 2017 for Mac””

@johncogan1972 weird! Because one week ago I installed from that page :frowning:

I’ve found a link:

If you want another version, you can replace the version number in the link

You can find available version numbers here

But it still doesn’t work, I get this:

Here what I did:

  • Followed instructions on install page, except for visual studio, I’ve installed Visual Studio 2017 (
  • Installed Dev version of MonoGame (not v_x.x)
  • “Visual Studio” -> “Extensions…” -> “Galery”, find and install “MonoGame Extension”

Can someone help me?
Is there a documentation to setup everything without the templates?
Is there a better IDE to work with monogame?
It is sad to be stuck before the end of the “introduction” section of the documentation while I’ve just followed exactly what it is written.

Also, what could we do to make Monogame work with the only version of “Visual Studio for Mac” Microsoft provide (2019)?

I’ve managed to make it work by changing all occurences of Any CPU to AnyCPU in the .csproj file.

Also I’ve found this related issue:

You can use Jetbrains Rider instead. Templates works well on rider.