Monogame UI Scroll

Hi guys,

in my application I am working with bluetooth and I am searching for devices nearby but I want to add them to something like listbox or scrollable view where the user can scroll through the devices and select one of all inside a fixed rectangle or box.

I have found one windows phone example but its not rendering its content in defined rectangle instead its showing the content on full screen

Is their something I can use for Android and iOS or I have to implement it myself ?

I’im using something like this.
You just need your list with your Items but don’t draw them all at once.
Something like

for(int i = start; i<=end;i++)

Then i have 2 buttons to go up and down.

        if (btDown.Pressed)
            if (start + 1 <= yourList.Count - maxItems)

            if (end + 1 <= yourList.Count - 1)

        if (btUp.Pressed)
            if (start - 1 >= 0)

            if (end - 1 >= maxItems)

Well I ended up using something like this but I want to add scrollTracker to it to make it more smooth

Search for XNA ScissorRectangle maybe this helps.

@StealthKilly Well I ended up mixing mobile native UI with the gamescreen using popups.