MonoGame + Unity ?

i like make games with MonoGame but i would like make a multiplayer online with database and that seems very complicate for my level.
So i would like know if its possible to continue to make my game on MonoGame and use Unity for the network/multiplayer system ?


but you can search for multiplayer libraries, because they have nothing to do with graphical representation (monogame)

(that’s actually what unity does - I don’t know what they use for multiplayer, but there are several libraries, but multiplayer is no easy task a library can take way from you without having any deeper knowledge about it)

A good one to look at would be MikeNet, but that’s up to you to look for… I don’t like linking the official URL as it sounds… rude lol

Hum ok thanks you.
MikeNet its very old but i will look on that. Maybe Lingred also or SignalR, i’ll try both.

Do you know games multiplayer/online with scores or data save online make on MonoGame ?

Take a look at the home page, wait for the sliding thing or look here:

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Ok thx i’ll check that.

MonoGame projects are basically XNA projects. XNA is Windows/Windows Phone/Xbox 360, while MonoGame rewrites XNA Frameworks into Windows/Linux/Mac/Phones/Consoles other than Microsoft branded ones.

There is a way to put XNA projects INTO Unity3D, however, it’s not fully developed. Here is the link:

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As for networking, XNA has a built in networking, however, it’s for the old Xbox 360 / Games for Windows. I have no idea the progress MonoGame has done to support that type of networking on newer platforms.

Lidgren.Network seems to be the one most use on XNA/MonoGame and I suggest looking into that.

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Thanks you for this complete answer.:thumbsup:

Hi, say me about result because I could not use Lidgren client and server on different computers only localhost. However I many monthes ago began to develop my own multiplayer.

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Hey there, if anyone is interested in helping to make the unity3d colyseus client to be compatible with monogame I’d totally support it!

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