Monogame Version Selection Help!!

I am using Visual Studio 2013 on a Windows computer and am unsure which version of Monogame to install. I read somewhere on StackOverflow to use version 3.2 but am not sure if that post was outdated. I need to use the monogame video player classes in my C# WinForms app (in order to seamlessly play a set of videos - i.e. no black flicker between videos). Please let me know which version would be compatible and work best for my needs.

If you don’t know why you should use a certain version - just use the newest one, that would be my suggestion.

There are some issues with the video player though… But I don’t think it’s ever been better than in the latest version.

I am definitely having issues with the videoplayer. It says I am missing like 10 methods, every single one of the Platform___() methods are missing such as PlatformSetVolume(), PlatformPlay(), ect. I have the monogame framework dll referenced to my project. Any idea why these are missing? Also, what other issues are there? Will I be able to play a set of videos seamlessly with the video player (i.e. no black flicker between videos)

Thank you for your quick response!!

You’re not supposed to call these, they’re internal. Use the public API.

I’m not sure what issues there are exactly. You may wan to look into forking MonoGame and getting merged. It contains some fixes for the video player. There are apparently still issues with playing multiple videos at once after those fixes.

If you’re using MonoGame just for the video player there are probably better ways to achieve what you want.

I am in fact using MonoGame just for the player - I have been searching for months to find a way to seamlessly play a set of videos. I have read through basically EVERY Stack Overflow post on the matter and can’t find a solid solution. One person told me to write my own game engine from scratch that blends the last frame of the video playing with the first frame of the next video. What better ways do you have in mind?

What video player have you tried in WinForms?

AxWindowsMediaPlayer - everything runs fine but it has a small black flicker in between videos, I need it to be completely seamless