Monogame VS2017 Templates Greyed Out

I’m using Monogame for an online C# and C++ class, and I’m using Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 7. However, in the Monogame Installer, the VS templates can’t be selected. I’ve checked and made sure that I have the correct directory (…Documents/Visual Studio 2017/Templates/ProjectTemplates/Visual C#), but the issue persists. What other issues could there be?

Which Windows edition are you on and are you admin or is this at school or aomething?


This question pops up ever so often and someone mentions installing some package and it fixes it…

Oh also did you install the VS C# development block?

I’m using a school computer with Windows 7, but I believe I’m running the installations as admin (admin password is required). I have also downloaded the .NET and Windows Universal extensions for VS, which I think were the C# ones.

Re-run the installer [look in start menu] and double check

Yeah, I have the .NET desktop development and the Universal Windows Platform development, which both include C# in their descriptions.

Did you create the Visual C#’ directory?

Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#

But then again I doubt the installer has access…

Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the setup comes along…

This might be it:

Would that work for the 2017 version?

Try finding the 2017 versions?