MonoGame walkthrough available on Xamarin's site

Hi all,

I thought this would be a nice place to announce that Xamarin has just added a section to get people up and running with MonoGame on iOS and Android:

For the sake of transparency I’m the author. Hopefully it helps new users!

Nice :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted on the Xamarin Studio Addin I’m working on, should make the setup process a bit easier.

Thanks, it helps me…

Thank you!

I figured all of the steps to setup an iOS solution yesterday myself and ended up with the same steps. Today I found your post. But it was a good learning experience I guess :wink:

As helpful as it was - and it really was for me! (first MonoGame port, first time MacOSX) - I guess it needs to be rewritten for iOS at least :frowning:

I just finished my (first) project ported to iOS ever figuring out the described steps myself but I downloaded the MonoGame source from GIT, compiled and added the binaries from there. Then I got the email from Xamarin today that they finished their Unified platform with the 64-bit architecture which will be required by Apple from 2/1/2015. So for iOS right now the steps are probably:

  1. Get the MonoGame source from GIT and open the iOS Framework project in Xamarin

  2. Convert the project to the new Unified platform (there is another post in this forum, it really is not too difficult)

  3. Create an empty project “iOS Unified API”

  4. Edit the References and add the binaries of the project of 2)

  5. If you are porting a Windows game then add your game code to the project and the content and everything else, then in AppDelegate.cs simply do:

    public partial class AppDelegate : UIApplicationDelegate
    MyGame game;

     // This method is invoked when the application has loaded and is ready to run. In this
     // method you should instantiate the window, load the UI into it and then make the window
     // visible.
     // You have 17 seconds to return from this method, or iOS will terminate your application.
     public override bool FinishedLaunching (UIApplication app, NSDictionary options)
     	game = new MyGame();
     	return true;

    You cannot do a nuGet of Monogame in the Unified platform anymore, but the rest stays the same.


Sorry for the late reply but part of what was holding the docs back was the lack of NuGet 64 bit packages (as you commented above).

MonoGame 3.3 is now out and with it comes an update to the setup documentation: