Monogame Windows 10 UAP Installation Screen Problem

Monogame I installed 3.4 version, but I’m having such a mistake. I use the version of Visual Studio 2015, Monogame windows opening screen projector in a nice way.
UAP Project for Windows 10 Waiting for your help, thank you


Install text to url;


The issue is an outdated project template. MG 3.4 was released before Windows 10 was released, so the template targets a prerelease version of Windows.

You can do one of two things to solve this:

  1. create a Win 10 UAP project and add the references (either with Nuget or manually adding DLL references)

  2. modify the csproj to look for the correct platform version.
    Open the csproj in a text editor. change the value of TargetPlatformVersion on line 14 to 10.0.10240.0. Then reload the project.

Thank you also for your problem is not answered

I raised the problem is not Visual Studio 2015 version completely and then sdksetup.exe emulatorsetup.exe AIM worm manually updated version of a problem?

So these two sdksetup.exe and 10 emulator.exe wp-date versions. Written in two files that I downloaded,
Windows 10 RTM and Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10 mobile
Install the SDK, Install Emulator download from the position which I have written.

And I downloaded the file and also

Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 with Windows developer tools

The problem is the version of Windows 10 that the “MonoGame Windows 10 UAP” template targets. When MonoGame 3.4 was released, Windows 10 was still in a pre-release state (Beta? RC? RTM? Don’t remember). The templates that were bundled with MG 3.4 target that pre-release version of Windows 10. The current Windows 10 SDK does not target the pre-release version that the template specifies, and so it wants you to install the version of the SDK that DOES target the pre-release.

Therefore, the solution is to manually edit the csproj that was created from the template. Or, make a blank app and add the MonoGame references.

Sorry for the confusion, i removed my earlier reply, since it was wrong.

No problem. Can you help via TeamViewer? I’m using the new monogame project, unfortunately I do not have detailed information on the mobile.