Monogame with Vim under Linux (and autocomplete)

Hi there,

I just set up vim to work well with C#, using OmniSharp ( and YouCompleteME ( I get code completion for standard .NET-stuff in vim.

However, there is no code completion for MonoGame, and I am not sure how to set it up. Is it possible? If so, how?

Everything else works well (compiling monogame projects with xbuild and running them), I just miss the autocomplete!

Thank you!

There is no code completion specific to MonoGame. Intellisense-like code completion that OmniSharp provides gets its information by reading the referenced assemblies and any XML doc.

Thank you for your reply,

I understand what you are saying. So, is there a way to get OmniSharp to read the referenced asseblies/XML docs/etc from MonoGame? :slight_smile: