MonoGameContent png vs xnb


I have created an App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with Xamarin Studio.
The app-start needs a few seconds and I want to make it a bit faster.
I bundled my Image-Resources as BundleResource in Visual Studio.
And than I load it with the ContentManager Load<>-Method.

Everything works fine, but I want to know should I compile the Images to XNB
with the Content-Pipeline?

did you set the build action to “compile” in the image properties? if yes, they are already in XNB format while loading (this is valid if you are using a MonoGame Content Project).

no at the Moment i use a bundleresource.Without a Content Project.

well, if you have a large set of images you should build them to XNB (maybe use dxtCompressed format), that should reduce loading times. however if you’r just using a small set of textures and if they arent that big, maybe the loading time problem is somewhere else.
Try to find where that loading time is being spent on first and go from there :stuck_out_tongue:

thx :wink:
its a few images, 10 small images, 196*196.

i’ve never used monogame for mobile but those 10 images doesn’t seem that heavy. Try to run a profiler to get a better idea on where is the time is spent. Or just printing out some gametime ticks here and there, that should tell you smth

I use the following properties for my .xnb files:
Build action: BundleResource
Copy to output directory: Do not copy

Should I always use BundleResource?
Is there a difference between “copy if newer” and “do not copy”? Which one should I use?

The build action for .xnb files should be “Content”.
“copy if newer” will copy the texture to the debug/release folder if the file has been changed/edited. “do not copy” will not copy (don’t use this one).
You want to use “copy if newer” or “copy always”, although the second one copys the file every time you build your project.