monokrome - simple arcade game out now on WP8 and Android!

I’m just starting my journey with MonoGame and as a result of learning I’ve created this simple game. It’s a simple one when you have to collect colour matching squares and avoid other. I found it really nice to play whenever you have few second to spare.
Here is the link for WP8 version: monokrome for WP8. I plan to port game to android soon, but unfortunately I don’t have full Xamarin yet.
By the way, thanks for all contributors that work on MonoGame. It’s really awesome stuff!

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

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After more than a month I finally acquired full version of Xamarin for Android. As a result I published version on Google Play: monokrome for Android.
Also the WP8 version was updated! New game menu. 3 difficulty levels. Current speed.
Check it out!

Due to problems with my memory I was forced to create new app on google play. The updated version (including some game fixes) can be found here: monokrome for android. The WP8 version was also updated with same fixes (thanks monogame cross platform goodness).


I’m happy to announce that monokrome made it’s way to Windows 8 platform. It can be found here: monokrome for Windows 8.

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