Moogame is not generating Debug.xnb [LINUX]

Hello! Im having issues with the Monogame content pipeline, I tried building a .spritefont file, it did not throw any errors when building, but I get the following error when I run it:

Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException: The content file was not found. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file "/home/unrhypercam/Monogame/Engine3/Engine3/Engine3/bin/Debug/Content/Debug.xnb"

As far as I know, this file is supposed to be generated automatically, I also did not use the normal content pipeline, but the MGCB editor provided by Monogame I cant seem to find anything on the subject, any info would help

Hey @CoolDude021, Welcome to the Community!

I added Linux to your title for you so it is more specific and more relevant users will drop in.

Happy Coding!