more android resume issue's

I am having an isuue. I have upgraded to the latest dev version which fixes the issue of blank texfures but I now get a file not found exception when it tries to restore content

Is your problem similar to this one?

Thanks Nezz,

Thats the problem exactly. I have a couple of hours free today so I will have a look into it.I have been thinking about it over night and I have an idea it could be locking the file. The reasons for my thoughts are the file name is exactly the same for both Load and ReLoad and the code is basiclly the same and load works and reload doesnt I will feed back my finding later.

A very quick pdate I think I have found the issue. When the content is first loaded what is stored within the content manager is all lowercase. This means on the reload its is tying to load “game/images/back1.xnb” when the real name is “Game/Images/Back1.xnb”. I dont know the code well enough to do a fix for this as Iam sure it was done for a reason so at the moment working with all content lower case. If anyone can give pointers to what would break with changng this I would be more than happy to apply the fix

I can now confirm that this was the issue. The problem occurs where the key for the content is been made lower case when reload tries to load it it uses this key which cn give dody filenames. Would the removalof the tolower break anything???

I have submitted a fix for this that has been merged, so just update to the latest version on GitHub :slight_smile: