Morph target Animation

Is monogames supports morph Target animations. if yes then how ?

XNA and MonoGame do not support morph target animation out of the box.

In our DigitalRune Engine (closed source, commercial), we have implement morph target animations for XNA and MonoGame. Here is a blog post about this topic: Morph Target Animation.

Implementing morph target animation yourself involves the following steps:

  • Find a way to export morph targets from 3D modeling tool.
  • Write a custom content importer/processor.
  • Extend the Model class to support morph targets.
  • Implement an animation system that drives the morph targets.
  • Write custom effects to render models with morph targets.

(Note: You will need the latest development version of MonoGame. The current release (v3.4) does not include the necessary bits.)


Thanks for your fast reply.
Can you please send some related links (blogs or description) for morph animation. ?
is this approach work with cross platform?

and how can i use GraphicsDevice.SetVertexBuffers in monogames or it is not implemented yet?

GraphicsDevice.SetVertexBuffers is currently only implemented for DirectX - so it is not yet cross platform.

For general links, see the references at the end of the blog post: Morph Target Animation.
I am not aware of any XNA/MonoGame-specific tutorials on this topic.

Thanks again,

Suggest Any other way to achieve animation for game development.
can i use keyframes animation . (using blender).

one more thing if there is no working technique to animate models how can a developer create a game without animation.
I was working on three.js last month it is very flexible and easy to use. morphing and keyframe animation is very easy with it.

is there any similar technique for animation.
pardon for my grammar .

Thanks in advance.

Well, you can implement an animation system yourself, or use a third-party library.

You can easily do SRT (scale/rotate/translate) animations.
To deform objects you can use mesh skinning (see SkinnedEffect).

yeh thanks mesh skinning is a good technique.

I find many samples on XNA skinning using custom pipeline. but in monogames there is no custom pipeline project . I am using v3.3 on window 7 service pack 1, visual studio 13.

how can i achieve skinned animation .
also send some resource, sample or tutorial if possible.

I think several people have ported the “XNA Skinned Model” sample to MonoGame. But I don’t know if there is an official version. Please google for “MonoGame skinned model sample”.