Moues won't go past 1492, 969. Does the mouse need any extra setup?

I’m having trouble with the region the mouse cursor is able to travel. It seems to restrict itself from 0,0 to 1492, 969. It moves fine while in that region, but won’t go out any farther. When I move the mouse out of that area, it is stuck, as if there’s an invisible fence. If I move the mouse out of the drawable area, it appears in the toolbar where I expect it to be.

I’m using a Surface Book, with a resolution of 3000x2000. Despite setting the back buffer to 1920x1080, it makes the window 3000x2000.

Monogame version I installed it using the latest installer on

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to configure the mouse or screen differently?

Here’s my Game class:

Here’s my repo:

Hi! Your game class looks ok to me.

So I did some checking around…

I’m thinking maybe it has something to do with the surface-books second graphics unit…?

May it help: the exact same thing happened sometimes on windows, I remember for some old games, when the game window is considered “fullscreen” from its point of view, but not from the system point of view (I guess), so mouse is “trapped” by the game and you can’t move cursor outside the game window. Like with Virtual Pool 3 for instance.

As nothing looks wrong with your code, what have you done when running the game ?
Is it always consistent ?
Do you launch it from VS ? From the executable inside the build directory ?