Mouse never see

Mouse is not visible.

public class mygame:game{
protected override void Initialize() {
‘IsMouseVisible = true;’
by breakpoint i see is already set to true. when y Change to false and update in the Draw or Update Methode then is Change back autmoativly to true.

but never see the mouse

what i have to doo for see the mouse?

What MonoGame version are you on? Also what platform (Windows DX or cross platform desktop)? I remember recently testing IsMouseVisible on develop and it was working. I think I set it in the Game1 constructor though, maybe that makes a difference. I can look at it this weekend.

i solved with logic:

i make a sprite and draw this every gameloop on mouseposition.

I program with Cross Plattform Desktop AND Windowws DX and also 3 others-

because the good Performance and the higher possiblity (animatet Mouse Cursor) i let it with this Logical solving

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