Moving from XNA content to MonoGame content... (.TXT Files)

In XNA, you simply copy your folder, Textures, paste, then the next folder, Sounds, paste… Hit compile and you’re good to go. In MonoGame, it looks like you just click Add Existing Folder. Seems all is well.

However, for localization / maps I use .TXT files. Using these files I have to manually go to Properties and switch the Build Option to None and Copy to Output Directory to Copy Always…

Is there anyway to automate this process? (Holding SHIFT can speed up the process, but is still so time consuming).

Also, I use a different name than “Content”, I tried changing the name, but it’s still putting the compiled files in Content and not the specified name… How do I fix this?

I’m not sure, but you might try googling around. Those settings are all stored in your csproj file and I’d imagine someone else has made a more robust project editor for stuff like that. If you don’t find anything, the csproj is just an XML file so it’s pretty easy to manipulate if you wanna make a quick tool yourself to add these things.