Multi-platform executables in Visual Studio?

Hi Monogame community,

I’m running Visual Studio 2010 with MonoGame 3.2. I got my XNA project to build cleanly in the MonoGame framework, but I’m wondering why when I try to compile for OSX, it still only outputs an .exe rather than the weird proprietary Mac Application that I was thinking I would see. Is this the intended behavior and do I have to do something on Mac side, or am I missing something?

Please note that I’m not actually a programmer (despite being on the tail-end of a two-year-long journey that I flew solo on), so if there’s some weird arcanery I need to put in a class somewhere, the optimal situation would involve a kind fella giving me a code handout and a layman’s description of where to paste it :smile:

Yes, you get an exe which you can run using Mono.

Check out this page:

And in particular, the section labled Bundles:

The .exe is what the Mono runtime reads and executes. By bundling Mono with the .exe into a package, you don’t need to worry if the target user has Mono installed or not.

Thanks, guys! That makes things easy, then; I’m not really used to seeing things with an .exe suffix work on OSX, so that kinda worried me.