multiplatform solution using monogame source?

i am making game to both android and windows, the game is shared project
how do i setup it to use mg source (my). i CAN do it in solution just referencing gameWinDX to myMonogameDX.
but in this shared solution thing, should i reference gameWinDX → monogameDX, android to monogameAndroid, and what about that sharedGame where do i reference that?.
little confused here. all is good when using that nuget mg for everywere, but can’t get this to work when using source.
and that content.builder.task, not a clue what to do with it?

same q short, how to setup multiplatform solution using monogame source?

I wrote some notes here:

I don’t know if they help.

The problem is, you can’t reference one shared project from another, at least I was never able to solve it. My situation similar to yours, I have my game engine as shared project (this should be the monogame source code in your case), my game source code (netsandard project) + 2 projects to run the game on android + windows.

Here is how my project setup looks like:

it is like mine, references goes in this order (winGame, androidGame) → (sharedGame) → (myEngineThing) → (monogame source).
engine is where i reference to monogame
currently it is working but don’t know how to add that content.builder.task to engine, i am not even sure what thing does
(i can add it to engine from nuget with monogame, if not using monogame source)

I did a rundown of the Multi-Platform setup for MonoGame quite some time ago.
Monogame - Building multi-platform solutions - YouTube

However!!, I do need to update it for 3.8 and beyond with the new .NET setup


Those are the videos / written text that got me started a while ago.