Multiplayer on Xbox One


We are currently working on a game with a client-server architecture and we have been looking around a bit for information regarding networking on Xbox One but have not found much.

Does Xbox One support connecting to an external server? Is this possible with Lidgren, if not, what other options do we have?

Any help pointing us in the right direction would be appreciated.

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MonoGame is an updated XNA, which by default used Xbox Live. However, there has been no information if you can use XNA’s networking code. Even if the original code was possible, you still have to be a registered Xbox Live participant to access it. ID@Xbox on Xbox.CoM

You may have to use newer code and not the previous XNA standard.

Beyond that, Lidgren.Network.DLL has become the go to solution for networking. However, it’s a stand alone solution and you would still have to look into coding for any platform specific networking, IE Xbox Live.

Ok thank you!

I guess we will just have to see when we get to that point then.