Multiple game structure

I’m developing a multi-game system where there’s a main menu of games and selecting a game starts it. It’s easy enough to have multiple projects in one solution (on game per project), but I wondered what’s the best way to start a game and no splash screen…

You have a single game and then create a dll (shared library) for each sub game.

If you are really good, you can create a single game then all the sub games are defined by data.

So you just load the data for the game

However the easiest way is to create a class library fro each game based on a single base class.


public abstract class SubGame
         public abstract void Update(GameTime gt);
         public abstract void LoadContent ContentManager content);
         public abstract void Draw(GraphicsDevice device);

You would have to spend some time working out if you want seperate content libraries or just one big one.

Thank you. I sort of thought it was possible and this is very useful to know. I have the menu working and am now on the first game. Cheers.

If you want to have a look at other solutions, think of each game as a “Scene”

Then search for scene management solutions.

You can then do things like fancy transitions to add a bit of class.