My abandoned project

[link removed]

I am just sharing it because better then deleting it.

It has some sloppy gui work,tried some strange bitmap joining and minor things but the only thing that is good about it is i guess mouse whell turning.

Anyways anyone can use it as they like. Sorry but i don’t use project upload sites so you have to downlad it if you wanna see it.

Maybe add some screenshots and info so we’ll know better what its about.

You can open a GitHub account for free and upload everything there. They only cost money if you want to use private repositories. In general its a good idea to have everything backed, and if you don’t want your repos to be public and don’t want to pay there’s also bitbucket which give private repos for free (at least last time I checked). but imho GitHub are much better and worth their price.

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I know github and hate using it for development.
This is just for bored people that have nothing to do and want to have some laugh at my code.
I can’t take ss in game ,don’t know why don’t care anymore.
This is here because it is better then deleting. Maybe 1 lost soul would like something in it.

with the default visual studio integration I found it to be amazing, a whole new world of ease for me. You could give that a try, no need to ever leave the VS gui and it’s easy and robust.

I come from a background of using git with console, git and svn with clients (tortoise for example) and I really never want to go back to those.

Anyways, not the point. I probably wouldn’t do that either for an abandoned project which isn’t that complex

I can’t edit my post .

This is just a warning this file is not mine anymore. File uploader giving another file .

So if it is a malware you are warned.

Edited to remove the link :thumbsup: