My Content skips loading in an external Level editor

I’ve been following the ‘XNA 4.0 2D Game Development by Example’ book by Kurt Jaegers and I’ve been trying to follow the Level Editor section where you have to make a separate project for the said Level Editor, and that this and the Game Project should take Content from a single Shared Project, that being the Game Content Project.

My problem is, the content skips on loading itself whenever I build and rebuild the project. The project itself is running, but the content that I told the Level Editor to load is nowhere to be found. Prior to this however, the Monogame Content Pipeline Manager had an error when building the solution for the first time, but I didn’t printscreen it, and it doesn’t show up again when I build the project subsequently.

I’ve made the Content Project for the Solution to be a Shared Project, referenced it as such, and I’ve set the Shared Project’s Content.mgcb to be used as a linked project in the Level Editor.

I’ve been trying to look for a solution for a while and I’ve been stuck ever since. Any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Embed the content? Usually fixes these issues for me.