My docker image to compile my app on linux, including shaders

Hi all, I’m building an application using .NET 5, and I build it using a Drone pipeline on linux.
It took me a while, but I managed to setup a custom docker image with support for .Net 5, 3.1 and shaders compilation.
Not sure if anyone else will find it useful :slight_smile:

why .NET 5? I like shiny new things
why Core 3.1? It’s needed for the content pipeline
why a linux docker image? I have a linux server that I use to build other projects, just tried to fit this in my current pipeline
why xvfb in the Dockerfile? wine requires a GUI to run the bootstrap tool, xvfb provides a virtual framebuffer that tricks wine

here’s the link mikescandy/MonoGameBaseImage: A linux docker image I use to build Monogame applications, supporting .NET 5 and 3.1. Includes wine and builds shaders out of the box (

to use it, just run “docker build .” in the same folder.
I usually push it to my private repo
docker tag myrepo/myimage
docker push myrepo/myimag

and then use it in Drone to compile and publish my application

Docker: using an orbital cannon to shoot ants.

classic : )

But hey, if it actually easier to set up than Wine slaughterhouse, I guess it’s kinda worth it?