Namespace XNA not recognized (upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5)

Hey everyone.

I need a fix that is currently not in a major release (MediaPlayer volume issue), so I’m trying to get from MonoGame 3.4 to the latest ( But when I installed that, my project now refuses to compile and doesn’t recognize any MonoGame/XNA controls or namespaces any more.

I’m sure it’s referenced correctly, as indicated in my Visual Studio settings, so I’m not sure what else the issue could be:

Thanks for any pointers!

MG 3.4 used .Net Framework 4
MG 3.5 uses .Net Framework 4.5

Just set your project to use .Net Framework 4.5

Thanks for the reply! Seems I’m using Visual Studio 2010, which doesn’t support .NET 4.5. Time to upgrade I suppose?