"Native" Noesis UI renderer

Hi all, I want you to introduce my small “native” Noesis renderer library. I found some Noesis integration samples, but only for the WindowsDX platform. This solution brings Noesis theoretically to all MonoGame-supported platforms. The library is still under development, the majority of the functionality is complete, and it is working in my game without any issues. The project license is MIT, and I am very open to any cooperation on future development. GitHub - ManoxCZ/Noesis.Monogame

Very cool, will see about giving this some prominence in the next Magazine!

Any help in writing an article on it would be appreciated.


Oh, Hi @Marek_Novosad, Welcome to the Community!

You are off to a great start!

Happy Coding!

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I’m interested in this, having never heard of Noesis before. Would you mind sharing some screenshots of what the sample looks like, and/or a few bullet points of what is or isn’t completed?


  1. I am not a Noesis developer, only using this great library in my game. This library is paid, but free in some cases (my game is for free, I paid nothing). Licensing | NoesisGUI (noesisengine.com)

  2. I found many integration samples, but all were working only with WindowsDX (DirectX). So I decided to write a Monogame Noesis renderer (Noesis has an interface for this).

  3. It is enough for my game - to show a basic UI with all Noesis UI controls, but not sure about some more complex stuff (moving windows over another, etc.).

  4. I know about some issues (a little bit of blurry font in some cases, cropping text, …), but nothing blocks me now. And I will welcome someone who will help fix these issues.

  5. Noesis has the preview app, you can get it here NoesisGUI Controls Gallery - Microsoft Store Apps
    My sample in the MonoGame integration is almost the same.

Nice! I see their “gallery” iOS app in the App Store too and it looks very flexible. I’ll definitely try this out next time I’m setting up a UI.

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I was actively looking for this exact use-case. Cheers. I’ll will do what I can to contribute as I make changes if any are needed on my end.

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