Ned help tex2Dlod in android Vertex Shader

Effect proccessor error when try to compile this.But if i remove tex2Dlod line, it work as usual

VS_Out MainVS(in VS_In i)
VS_Out o = (VS_Out) 0;
o.Position = mul(i.Position, WVP);
float displacement = tex2Dlod(displacementSampler, float4(i.UV, 0, 0)).r; += i.Normal * displacement;
o.UV = i.UV;
return o;

error msg as below

is anyone can help me ?

Is displacementSampler set to point sampling? I’m pretty sure tex2Dlod doesn’t work with linear sampling.

thanks for reply. still the same issue for POINT filter

Anyone get tex2Dlod work on android? I found this, is anyone know how to merge it?