Need Access to MonoGame middleware for Nintendo Switch [Urgent]


We’ve been using MonoGame since 2020, since porting our rogue-lite platformer Aura of Worlds to Mac, Linux, and Steam Deck. We need to port our game to the Nintendo Switch as part of our release schedule in Q3 this year (for which we already have approval for the game from Nintendo).

In November, we submitted a request to access the MonoGame middleware here:
after which Tom informed us that someone would need to provide us with access to the Github repository. We sent them the details of my GitHub account since I’m the programmer (glider521al), but I’m yet to receive access.

We submitted a new request on the 31st of January.
Is there something that we’re missing?
Is there anyone, in particular, I should contact for access?

Edit: I’ve updated the priority to urgent because we need to show the game working on the device next month to secure a deal with a publisher.

Best regards
From Anthony, on behalf of the team at Cognitive Forge, Australia, Melbourne

It took me 3 1/2 months to get full access to switch, and it took me 5 months for the PS4 one (+ 2 extra months from sony to solve me a very trivial problem, I ended up cancelling the PS4 version because I just didn’t have enough time after all the wait).
So no, unfortunately you’re not doing anything wrong.


I contacted Sickhead Games directly last month and asked for access to the official tools and complete documentation. No word yet; did something happen to them?

P.s. Thanks again for emailing me advice earlier KakCAT :+1:; it helped a lot.