Need an opinion from you!

Hi there guys, it’s really something about monogame, and maybe i’m in the wrong forum to make this question.

I work with unity engine, c#, and I have some bases on monogame, so my big question it’s:

It’s worth to start work full time with monogame instead of Unity?
Well unity has many things pre maded, but I know in monogame has better performance and that stuffs.
And Unity has a level editor, and that’s my biggest problem for me on monogame.

I would like to know your opinion guys.
Thank you all

Building a level editor in Monogame is not that hard, if anything it’s a good exercise to get accustomed to some of its capabilities. Building a fancy level editor would pretty long though, like anything really.

I haven’t tried Unity, so I can’t compare, but what I like about Monogame is that it offers a lot of freedom. You can make it work however you want it to work, which is pretty nice.

Long time Unity user here (since 2.x). Unity isn’t great for 2D which is the reason I moved all 2D projects over to MonoGame. For 3D I still use Unity.

It’s really a matter of your own experience and preference though. Unity provides a very rigid foundation that you are stuck with using. MonoGame provides nothing at all with regard to how you organize your game. If you are skilled in game development chances are Unity can feel limiting due to it being a game engine and not providing much freedom. If you are new to game dev then you wont notice since you dont have any idea what you want anyway.

With regard to level editors, there is no particular reason they need to be coupled with your framework. You can use existing level editors like Tiled, Overlap2D, Level Builder, shit you could even use Unity and an editor script to export your level data. Skys the limit when you have the freedom that MonoGame gives you.

+1 to all was said in previous posts

Unity has many tools included. But with monogame, you will have to do all (optimize meshes, make an editor in its entirety if you don’t find what you need in an already existing solution, etc) No GUI like in the Unity editor. Only your IDE (VisualStudio) and your brain :slight_smile: which is the best according to me.

It depends on what you want: code all (tools, etc for your game and ease of production) what you want yourself, but maybe/certainly slower than with unity, or stick to Unity but loose some freedom.