Need Help (will pay?!) getting hardware accelerated MonoGame running on RPi3

I’ve seen plenty of anecdotal examples of reports of MonoGame running on the rPi 3 in accelerated mode. I’ve dug around a bit, but I have been unable to make it work myself, and am an extreme novice at *nix.

I’ve built this software for my skeeball Model H machine:,156300.0.html

I meant for it to run on a RPi, but I’ve been unable to get an accelerated build running (good news is, it’s only 2d graphics). I’d REALLY rather just use an RPi and not have to mount a PC inside of my machine.

Can anyone help me get a build running (with some step by steps, or even remote in and do it for me)? I’d be willing to compensate some $$ for time spent if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Intel NUC, in case you needed a back-up plan, or even compute sticks, also from Intel… That is, if your display has HDMI…

Yeah, I’ve never gotten MonoGame to run on pi3 very well. There are youtube vids of it running like a champ on Raspian, but idunno if they are running custom MonoGame or what.
I’ve had way more luck with the minnowmax dragonboard, which costs more than pi but has the added bonus of running Win10 IOT and Android. I’ve successfully deployed projects using the MonoGame.WindowsUniversal and MonoGame.Android straight from the nuget packages :slight_smile:


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Where on earth did you buy that blasted thing from? sold out everywhere I checked…

Cheers in advance.

I got the 410c from a few years ago, I didn’t realize they were sold out… Looks like it is available on Amazon for a few extra bucks.

Fo my next arcade project I’m just going to look at those cheap-ass chinese android tv boxes. You can buy them all day on Amazon for under $30, and they have more than enough power to run any MonoGame project I can throw at it.

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It’s a shame a new RPi is not available until 2019 if even… the other boards don’t feel like options… and I am even thinking about USB GPIO stuff and wondering how option-able they are as I could use an Intel NUC for my drone making plans… mostly because I already have one spare…

I was thinking to integrate MonoGame into a drone game, not the competition racing rubbish…

Sorry for the offtop, but the (will pay?!) in the title cracked me up a bit :DD that said, I hope you get the help you need :wink:

I figured that’d get attention, and I literally would throw some $$ someone’s way if they truly could get it set up… I keep seeing these examples of it running with really cryptic instructions that don’t get you there.

As for the suggestions:. I was hoping for an inexpensive solution, so NUCs are out.

I guess compute sticks aren’t a horrible idea, but from what I understand they aren’t worth the money from a cost for performance perspective.

I alreadu have a PC I can mount in there if need be, I just don’t want to :slight_smile:

Well, until the RPi4 comes out, don’t bother… but FYI 2D graphics require more processing than 3D… :thinking: