Need help with setting up monogame with visual studio code

Hello everyone I am a unity user and a c# programmer, lately I wanted to get started with Monogame(mg) and visual studio code(VScode), I downloaded the mg templates using cli (command line prompt ) and downloaded the xna game studio and I already have .netcore 3.1 and .net 5.0 but whenever I try to run the Game.cs it just throws a bunch of errors, sorry can’t show the screenshot of them but it’s saying that can’t find,
Any help?

Thanks in advance :+1:t2:

Does your user name folder name as space in it? There is a bug monogame with spaces in that folder.

(sorry for the late reply my apologies) oh yeah it does let me create a new one without spaces, i will report back

no luck still this error

and i cant add the Monogame.Framework.UniversalWindowsPlatform package, keeps getting this =

still couldn’t get mguwp project working so i created a new project with mgwindowsdx, surprisingly that one works! guess i will start making my first monogame game tomorrow, and maybe when i get better at this i will solve it!

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