Need some help to use Development Builds

I read that TeamCity is no longer used. I’m trying to add a Nuget feed so I can use GitHub packages.
Is there a feed I can use? I assume it should be something like this:

dotnet nuget add source "" --name "githubfeed" --username "myusername" --password "mypassword"

And then, add the packages by doing

dotnet add package MonoGame.Framework.Android --version

If so, what source should I use? Am I missing something else?


Teamcity still seems to work. I wrote a guide here:

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Thanks. I had seen your page and it was very helpful but I didn’t try it because I read that TeamCity is not updated anymore.

I just checked but releases don’t seem to match. The one I found for Android is
but if I look at Packages · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub , the latest version is

Anyhow, I tried to install it using NuGet but it fails

I can’t try from here but it does like the TeamCity builds have been failing. I guess I’ll need to update the guide to use GitHub as the source from now on.

For now, I think this thread can help: <
Call to improve tutorials · Issue #7815 · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub>

Read @harry-cpp and mukhinid’s comments.

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Thanks a lot, Apostolique. I finally got it to work by looking at that thread. I really appreciate all your help.

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