Need To Port iOS/Android MG Game To Win Desktop - Any Tips?


I am pretty much a Windows Virgin having done all my game dev on a Mac since the dawn of time.

I need to port an iOS/Android title I’m working on to Windows Desktop and was wondering if anyone had any tips to stop me from going down any obvious blind alleys to start with. Simple stuff like what type of project’s needed in VS, that type of thing. It seems like there’s a number of possible approaches (GL, Universal App, Direct X)?

It’s a 2D retro type title so fairly straightforward but there’s a lot going on so performance needs to be decent.

I’ve been working with MonoGame for about 18 months but very new to Windows (I did complete a successful WinPho port of one of my games but got distracted once it came to integrating in-game ads). Going to attempt it using VMWare Fusion on the Mac - I have a 64bit Windows 8 installation.

Any pointers much appreciated!