.NET Core & Steam

A quick one: Is it safe to upgrade to .NET Core to publish on Steam?


I believe a few games are already doing this. @mrhlemut and @harry-cpp would know for sure.

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Thanks, Tom!

For sure! Streets of Rage 4 and Carrion already shipped with .Net Core (with the CoreRT runtime), and ScourgeBringer as well (on .Net Core 3.1).
It’s pretty robust and safe (and self contained apps are solving a bunch a compatibility issues).

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Great! I’m the developer behind Nine Witches: Family Disruption. Then, I’ll move on to .Net Core 3.1


Do you know if it is need to configure a install script? Or .Net Core 3.1 is part of the Steam redistributables? Because I didn’t see it in the current list. Maybe it’s just outdated.

dotnet publish --self-contained will produce a fully standalone app that doesn’t need any install of .Net (and if you’re using DesktopGL, all the dependencies are shipping with it, which means absolutely 0 requirements; WindowsDX still requires the June 2010 DirectX redist for gamepads to work).

Here is the packaging documentation where you can read about this: https://docs.monogame.net/articles/packaging_games.html



I’m now using MonoGame 3.8. Abslotuly cool!!!