.NET Reflection support in other platforms other than Windows

Hi, I need to implement some code that will use .NET Reflection. My main concern is if reflection capabilities (System.Reflection) are also supported in other non-windows platforms such as PS4 for example. Any idea?

To target PS4 a C# to C++ transpiler is used. @tomspilman wrote it, so he’ll know if reflection is supported.

Thanks! I will wait for tom’s answer then.

Oops, tagged him wrong @Tom

Anyway…I will wait for Tom’s answer then. He is still Tom! hahaha Thanks!

Yes reflection works fine in general for all the normal serialization needs. It works the same on console as it does when using C# on mobile like iOS or Android. I recommend reading this…


… Oh. And actually on PS4 we use Mono and not my transpiler.

Hi Tom!
As for reflection I just need the functionality to create instances and get/set property values. So I think it will fine. Right?


Cool, didn’t know PS4 ran Mono :slight_smile: