Network game [Android]

Hi guys. I’am just complete my first monogame game. Just for try monogame in action on android platform.
And I liked what i’am done)
Network game is free and ad free old good known game. Build networks by rotate field parts. Like netwalk.
Game has unlimited levels count. Levels has different difficulty. The size of the levels is always growing.
Monogame left a good impression. I made all things, i wanted to do. It’s time to start a big project.

Play market link:

Download APK directly:!ApfQiyIZUewckxESUkGhCc12GnPY

I will be glad to see what you think about my game.

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Hi! Looks nice! I would like to try, but the google-app page wont let me download… Something about needing an account I think, the on-screen instructions aren’t good… Perhaps you have an alternative download site?

Perhaps you have an alternative download site?
sure, onedrive link for APK:!ApfQiyIZUewckxESUkGhCc12GnPY

oh, only runs on android, never mind… I thought it was just from a google site! :slight_smile: Thanks though!