Network or Game logic not updating ...

This is bad T_T MG game not updating while window bar is being drag, I’m in the middle of my network implementation, initially I thought it only froze the rendering and not the logic update, bizzare things happens while testing my network game, whether client or server is being drag it’s not updating, any work around is much appreciated.

Thanks ^ _^ y

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I think the fix involves the logic for the networking, predictive positioning or something, this way, the other client still receives data or predicts your position and then the clients can sync up again… to be honest, if you are resizing mid game, you should expect issues… the same with any game, I play a lot of Speedrunners at the moment and when I resize or full-screen/window flip, the game locks like crazy…

But you might help yourself by explaining exactly what the issue creates, is it submitting network code or receiving code or both, again, this can be resolved with a predictive network code implementation

Some helpful search results:

One result was this:

Something from the other side of the fence:

Search Query: ‘predictive game network code’

I hope that helps…

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I consider this a bug and think it should be fixed.


@ Sir Valentine! Thanks for the links! very much appreciated very informative ^ _^ Y
@ Sir Jess! Thanks! hope the fixed comes before 2 months, no rush tho :smile:

I’m “planning” to join a contest on multiplayer games using MG, 2 months deadline, It’s my first time using this network library on MG but I’ve already used it on works for years under WPF transporting business data w/o a problem I’m pretty sure the problem is not on the network library I’m using.

Thanks peepz ^ _^ y

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I doubt gamers will be resizing during gameplay, so, this is a low priority for you, to be realistic, but it is something that needs addressing for sure, somehow…

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