Network usage. ??

The current game I’m working loads everything locally, there is no network code in the game at all, and yet when I start the game my network report in the Resource Monitor starts to ‘saw tooth’.

It’s only tiny bits of data, but I’m not creating it. Close my game and the traffic ends immediately.

What is Monogame doing with my network? I’m sure this is completely innocent, but I want to know!


I don’t know what’s causing this, but I know MG does no networking whatsoever.

Ain’t it your antivirus asking for information about that “unknown” exe to a master server ? I saw this with avast and another one. If so, add it to the exclusions (unless you wanna make a virus :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I can confirm that MonoGame has no networking code in the core assembly. The MonoGame.Framework.Net assembly has the networking code (using Lidgren) but it doesn’t do anything without your code starting the network session.

@KonajuGames Is Lidgren built into Monogame now? how long has this been the case?

The MonoGame.Framework.Net assembly references the Lidgren assembly. Always has since before I started with the project many years ago.

@KonajuGames Ahh thanks, sorry I’m still learning monogame on / off.