New Breed of Samples for MonoGame

One common question surrounding MonoGame has always been the quality of the samples currently maintained in the various branches of the project. Being an opensource project this has always been a challenge to manage and maintain, sure there are a lot of samples provided by many hard working developers but they were very sporadic and…

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that is great news, an important improvement for this project.

I had some trouble running the current sample. So far I had not installed XNA studio (not necessary for the simple stuff I do). I now installed this: to generate the resources. Is this the way it is supposed to work?

The MSXNA installs just enable content projects and XNA run time on Vs2012 and Vs1013
This does allow you to then use XNA / MonoGame projects from those.

I’m trying to run the Platformer2D sample on OSX but compiling the project gives the following errors:

Copying '/Users/tanis/Documents/MonoGame.Samples/ContentBuilder/bin/OSX/Content/Backgrounds/Layer0_0.xnb' to '/Users/tanis/Documents/MonoGame.Samples/Platformer2D/Platforms/OSX/bin/Debug/' File '/Users/tanis/Documents/MonoGame.Samples/ContentBuilder/bin/OSX/Content/Backgrounds/Layer0_0.xnb' is missing.

I suppose that something should be run against the Content folder to generate the compiled files in the bin/OSX/Content folder, but I have no ideahow to do that.


In that version of the samples you had to open the separate “Content” solution to build the content.
However this weekend I managed to update all the current samples to the new Content Builder tool which is more like the old XNA days with a content reference.

If you update from the develop branch you should get the update and build the sample without any external tasks now :sunglasses:

Hope this helps

@SimonDarksideJ any plan on porting the new content tool to run on osx?

Most likely, @tomspilman would know better than I

I believe @dellis1972 is working on the iOS version. Not sure what the status is.