New Forum Feature Request - Ignore Categories

Hi all and MG Team,

Just venturing back to catch up on 473~ new posts since I popped out a few months ago, still catching up and seeing if anything new was missed… Will be starting to learn and utilise MonoGame shortly [Two and a half prior attempts lead to learning C# thoroughly twice and .NET too, ongoing of course, the half was err life…]

Anyway on to the point…

As one must view all latest postings, to view the majority uncategorised posts [Which were mentioned recently in a post regarding categories, which kind of sort of got me thinking about this] and to have an overview of all category postings…

I thought why not have a filter? instead of just the drop down single selection, we could filter the categories most relevant [>.<] to your development or capacity, for example, perhaps OUYA [>.<] does not interest you

[FTR [>.<] is my way of cheeky snickering expression, as it means My meaning is somewhat needing to be changed from its intended meaning to avoid issues or just something might be funny but not obvious]

So TL//DR thing:

Have a filter for the Categories Group View where we can tick off categories which do not have relevance to our needs, thus reducing the amount of filtering needed when reading through topic titles as you have to first read a category and then shimmy across or up.

This can also tie in with the New posts group view as it would only show those new that interest you…

I hope this made sense… it is 1AM… woops…

Thanks for reading,


The forum uses Discourse so Tom doesn’t have full control, but there is actually support for this. If you go to your profile under preferences you can Watch, Track and Mute topics.

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I forgot about that after signing up… but that will post things into that tiny box under my head, [speaking of which I found another small issue, it is not obvious to click your username to go to your profile and settings etc… Web 3.0 issue I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: ] muting, but that does not hide it from the categories view no?

Oh right, umm watching will post it to that counter notification thing right? not very desirable really… and it will probably notify about every incremental posting so totally not desirable [>.<]…

Thanks for posting though, I noticed you are very active on the forums @Jjagg , keep up the good work!

I am aware about Discourse as when I joined I had a head butt with Tom regarding another issue at the time… I am still in shallow depth over people and their involvements here but I understand Tom works for a software/games company alongside this project.


No-one works full-time on MonoGame. We all have our own jobs outside of MonoGame. Tom has an advantage in that he uses MonoGame for many of his projects in the course of doing that job. This is primarily a spare-time effort for most of us. Now if someone were to provide funding that may change, but that is not likely in the near future.

Discourse is not perfect forum software, but beyond the configuration options provided by the software, we cannot really change the software itself as none of us are experts in the internals of Discourse and have no knowledge nor desire to build and maintain it ourselves.

Believe me I know, and I also have the dilemma of whether to spend the time to make one or spend half the time adapting one as done here.

Near Future probably not, Future, possibly for certain. but err, couldn’t you just get Microsoft to err Buy/Invest? now would seam the perfect time I think… :grin:

Not a critical issue, it can be tolerated if I check-in regularly, but having come in after so long…

Thinking about it, it kind of helps to gauge issues across the framework too so… yeah another thread where I slam it myself… ‘sigh’ :expressionless:

I will try to suppress forum feature ideas from now as I understand the predicament and would likely be in it myself too in the not too distant future…



[EDIT No idea what happened there I did not review it and that is what happens… double ‘sigh’ :expressionless: ]