New MonoGame Developers - Windows 10 & BitDefender

I recently purchased a brand new high-end Precision laptop from DELL with Windows 10 Pro and installed all of my needed workstation applications, including Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. The machine is simply beautiful and has the apparent quality of earlier ThinkPads.

In any event, the one application I had yet to install was MonoGame 3.6. When I went ahead and did this I kept on getting the following installation error…

Can’t write: C:\Users\black\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\MonoGame\

This error presents itself as a security issue with the users\user-name\documents folder. You are led to believe that you do not have the correct permissions to write the MonoGame installation files to the Visual Studio sub-directory in the documents folder.

However, if you have the BitDefender antivirus installed, as I do, on your machines with Windows 10 and your standard folder permissions are set correctly, it is BitDefender that is giving you the problem.

To get around this issue you must enter the BitDefender “Safe Files” feature, which can be found in the application’s menu under “Protection” and then select “View Features” within it. Once in this set of options, select the “Safe Files - Application Access” and add the MonoGame installer application to the list. By doing this you are telling BitDefender that this installation is safe and can allow it to change files in your computer…

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